Malun Mountain – 馬崙山

日期 2023.1.11
文:Michael McCreesh

Conquer one of Guguan’s Seven Heroes (谷關七雄) hiking trails! In fact, at 2305m, Malun Mountain (馬崙山) is the second-highest mountain peak among the famed Seven Heroes. Regardless of the elevation, this is not an overly difficult climb. It is long and a steady climb (with some steeper sections of elevation gains) and offers hikers a range of forest ecosystems and unique trail features that may this hike a must-do.

Parts along this trail were once was one of the early Atayal aboriginal hunting sites, while other historic features from the region’s logging pasts still remain. Trail features other man-made amenities such as such as benches, shaded pavilions and observation decks were built.

Trail Conditions

  1. Trail Length: 14km (return)
  2. Total Time Hiking: 7-8 hours
  3. Total Elevation: 1038m
  4. Trail Difficulty: Intermediate

This trail is roughly 7km one-way and features is challenging for those who are not comfortable walking long distances over a moderate elevation gain. Some sections are steeper and ropes are provided for comfort, while it is not a technical climb. The trail is a mix of stone steps, compact soil with exposed routes and rocks, as well as wooden steps. There is even a wooden boardwalk that gives hikers a great diversity along the trail to make the change in landscapes that keep this trail interesting.

The Malun Mountain Trail traverses through mixed pine and broad-leaf forests leaving the trail covered with pine needles and maple leaves. If you get to Malun Mountain in early early autumn, you can witness the maple leaves turn bright yellow, orange and red in the autumn.

The viewing platform next to the trail offers hikers a beautiful view of the scenery of Guguan, and the unique and beautiful curves of the mountains in the Guguan area.

While there is no view from the peak or triangulation point for this hike, the trail itself is said to be the most beautiful trail in the Guguan area. There are frequent views of the surrounding area, including a section that features views of Daxueshan National Forest and the peak itself.