Fenrui Historic Trail - 奮瑞古道

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The Fenrui Historical Trail is a 7km trail between the mountain villages of Fenqihu and Ruelli in Chiayi County in Taiwan. The hike is moderate if walked one way and is characterized by the incredibly tall and dense bamboo forests that lie between the two villages. Take your time to enjoy the stunning lookout point in the middle of the trail which offers stunning views across the surrounding mountains.

Hiking Fenrui Historic Trail 奮瑞古道

This 7km hike is a linear trail that begins in Meishan Township (梅山鄉) in the north and travels south into the north-western edges of Zhuqi Township (竹崎鄉), ending in the quaint mountain village of Fenqihu (奮起湖).

The first 2km will see a steady incline totally about 400m before the trail levels out for nearly the remainder of the trip. The trail itself is well-signed and clear. This trail is suitable for beginners, as there are no sections that are technical or overly difficult. There are sections where the ancient trail’s stone path is slightly covered in moss and vegetation, so hikers should be caution when this path is wet. The rocks can get a bit slippery.

Fenrui Ancient Road connects two famous scenic spots, Fenqi Lake and Ruili. During the Qing Dynasty, the ancestors carried the burden of trade and business, and there are several ancient ruins and remains such as the Manchai Kiln, the Yin-Yang Temple, and a local shrine, all of which are still in various states of preservation. Along the way, hikers will journey between the dense virgin fir, oak and other broad-leaved forests, as well as a picturesque bamboo forest.

Exploring Fenqihu Old Street 奮起湖老街

The 7km hike along the Fenrui Historical Trail will end in the quaint mountain village of Fenqihu. Here guests will have the opportunity to explore more of the local trails, visit the Giant Trees or enjoy some of the local cuisines on the village’s old street.

During the day on weekends, all of these roads are closed off to car traffic.  There are several places to sit, enjoy lunch, and take in the amazing mountain views. Arguably the most popular option for lunch is the famed Fenqihu Train Lunchbox (奮起湖鐵路便當), which is served at a few stalls along the old street near the restored historic train station. Another must-try culinary delight is the Fenqihu Jelly Fig Seed Drink (奮起湖愛玉飲料), which is served with lemon and locally grown Jelly Fig seeds.

Local trail around Fenqihu Old Street

Fenqihu Cedar Forest Plank Trail 奮起湖檜木步道 is approximately 2km in length (if you take a large loop) and takes about 50 minutes at a leisurely pace to complete. The entrance of the trail is located next to a large parking lot. After the century-old land temple, towering and straight cedars and Taiwan cedar forests welcome you.

The green bamboo forests sway in the wind. Among the trees, you can enjoy the natural ecological landscape along the way, listen to the singing of insects and birds, and enjoy the natural forest phytoncide. The natural and pure environment has become a rare “snow firefly” inhabiting here. The trail is gentle and easy to walk, there are public toilets, arch bridges, pavilions, etc. on the way, suitable for family outings.